Dentist Directory

Dentist Directory

Connecting you directly with the dentist's office for a dental appointment when you are in need of dentistry or have a dental emergency. Scheduling a dental appointment has never been easier! 

Amason Dental Clinic

The Family Dentists

We are located at 167 Chinhoyi street in Harare CBD.

Balm of Gilead Dental Clinic Dr M Mugoni

Changing lives one smile at a time

A Dental Clinic conveniently located in the Bulawayo CBD. Officially opened on the first of August 2018. We are a complete dental care center offering a great opportunity to experience world class dental treatment.

Borrowdale Dental Surgery

Sam Levy's Village

We greet as client and part as FAMILY

BORROWDALE DENTAL SURGERY ( Inside Sam Levy's Village)

We greet as a client and part as family

Our multi-racial and gender balanced team to cater for your varied preferences: Dr Bobby Ivanov (D.S, Sofia), Dr Zahraa Allana (BDS, Queensland Australia), Dr Cyrille Harry (BDS, UZ), Dr Juliana Siziba (DMD, Phillipines), Dr Farayi Moyana (BDS, SA), Irene Moyana (Dental Therapist)

Broadlands Dental


Chisipite Dental Center

Changing the world one smile at a time

Modern Family dental practice that is committed to providing high quality dental treatment.

Daniye Dental Clinic

Affordable community dental health services at your door step

We are a modern dental clinic, to improve access to those unable to afford premium loaded CBD based services.


Medical, Dental, Maternity Clinic & Ultra Sound Scan

Quality Healthcare at your door step

DOMBOSHAVA MEDClinic ( Mungate Business Centre)

Quality Health Care at your door step, no need to travel to Harare CBD

Quality & Affordable Dental Care at your doorstep, no need to travel to Harare CBD

Dr Beyuo Dental Surgery

Cash and Medical Aid

Our objective: Holistic patient-Centre dental Care

Promoting dentistry and oral hygiene in Zimbabwe.

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